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List of documents relating to North Humber RAYNET:
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Release Date Description Document
14th Apr 2014 Training Survey A short survey from Richard G0GLZ.
Download in Word or PDF format:
NHR Training survey.doc
NHR Training survey.pdf
2nd April 2014 Membership Registration Documents:
We need REG-02 and REG-06 plus a passport-type photo
RAYNET Documents page
6th Mar 2014 Draft Agenda for AGM, 2nd April 2014 AGM Agenda 02Apr2014 _Draft_.pdf
Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 5th Mar 2014 TBA
7th Feb 2014 Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 8th Jan 2014 Steering Committee - 080114dw.pdf
17th Jan 2014 Proposed new constitution (8th Jan meeting) NHR Constitution 1v3.pdf
17th Jan 2014 Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 4th Dec 2013 Steering Committee - 041213dw.pdf
15th Jan 2014 Minutes of Inaugural meeting 13th Nov 2013 INAUGRAL MEETING 131.11.13.pdf
3rd Jan 2014 Data Comms Special Interest Group Data Comms SIG1.pdf
13th Nov 2013 Agenda for inaugural meeting NHRaynet_Inaugural_Meeting.pdf
13th Nov 2013 Default constitution from RAEN Default_Group_Constitution.pdf

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