As an emergency communications organisation, North Humber Raynet has access to reserve communications infrastructure. 

As well as equipment retained by its members, the NHR can call upon a communications environment provided by the East Yorkshire Repeater Group (EYRG). 


         The EYRG provides the NHR with:

  • Deplpyable radio equipment packs containing hand-held UHF digital radios

  • Reserve Raynet Talk-Through infrastructure with pre-located talk-through equipment from a range of sites across Eastern Yorkshire 

  • A range of pre-surveyed locations for vehicles operating control and talk-throughs.

  • Portable Talk-Through (deployable) equipment including antennas

  • Emergency priority use of the GB3HS (145Mhz) repeater , including reserve emergency power supply

  • Emergency priority use of the GB7HU (D-Star) repeater 


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