Joining the NHR    


Good Communications are vital in time of emergency, but they can soon become rapidly overloaded.

As an amateur radio enthusiast, you can help your community by providing communications in time of need by joining your local group, North Humber Raynet (NHR).

  • You can use your skills and your station to provide vital links when communication fails.
  • The NHR offers training for members and a full programme of exercises and training events.
  • The NHR is part of the national 'RAYNET UK' which provides a national structure for emergency communications.
  • Whilst on duty all members are covered by combined liability and personal accident insurance.

 Isn't Raynet outdated?

We don't think so! The NHR are working on exciting technical developments including digital links and data systems. The Humber area has many industrial plants and transport links. We live in a coastal county that it is prone to flooding, snow and other weather events. When you read or watch the news - how safe do you feel ?

Won't I be giving up all of my free time?

No - there is some training and you will be asked to attend some events for training during the year. Raynet is a voluntary organization, and although we will be asking for a commitment to attend in a real emergency.

What area does the NHR cover?

Our group has regular training sessions and a planned programme of exercises. In recent years we have attended events in Flamborough, Hull, Beverley, The Wolds, The York floods and were on standby during the recent tidal surge.

Our members are located across eastern Yorkshire.

How do I join?

You can contact us via this website, or via any committee member. Visit our stand at the Hornsea

Radio Rally.


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